Campaign Coordinators

The Campaign Coordinator, also known as a "Project Officer" or "Keyworker", plays a key role in the philanthropic engaging of federal civilian, military, and postal employees in the workplace.

Each year, a Keyworker is selected by management to assist in the facilitation of the CFC. The success of your respective federal agency’s campaign will fall largely on your shoulders and your collaborative efforts alongside your Loaned Executive and campaigners (colleagues that assist you while you facilitate the campaign).

Not only will this be an exciting and fulfilling opportunity, but your campaign will be a success because of the organizational, creative and motivational techniques you use to build support for the CFC within your agency.

To learn more about becoming a Keyworker and coordinating a campaign at your workplace, please contact Valerie Brown at the CFC Office at 609-267-4500 or

Key Worker’s Training Guide
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